10X CEO – The Program

10X CEOs analyze their game like a professional athlete, focus on the right few priorities, and execute their highest value priorities at an accelerated rate.

Expected Outcomes for 10X CEOs

  1. Time is the primary constraint for venture backed CEOs.  10X CEOs focus their time more effectively, and use accelerated learning to execute faster and better.
  2. 10X CEOs achieve 10X financial outcomes when compared with other “post series A” venture backed CEOs.  That puts 10X CEOs in the 96th percentile of their venture-backed peers.
  3. 10X CEOs achieve venture like (greater than 10X) return on their fees and time invested in the program each year.

10X CEO  – Step by Step

  1. Determine CEO’s Highest Value Priorities – 10X CEOs work with their 10X Coach using the CEO X-Ray (a 3-page tool) to give a complete picture of the business and the CEO’s personal effectiveness from quarter to quarter.  The 10X Drivers section makes sure the CEO focuses only on the top priorities that create the most long-term value.   CEOs often spend 50% – 80% of their time on urgent, but low value activities, and venture backed CEOs can’t afford this “time dispersion”.  The CEO X-Ray calls this out and clearly separates “to do” from “not to do”.
  2. 10X Peer Learning Environment – Each quarter, 6-8 top performing CEOs do a “Deep Dive” on their top individual priorities.   They generate new perspectives, uncover new alternatives, and create shorter paths to more effective implementation.  The process is very disciplined, only focusing on the highest value priorities of each group member.   This accelerated group learning can’t be duplicated, either by the CEO on his own, or working 1/1 with an individual coach.  It’s like “Crossfit” for 6-8 elite CEO athletes.
  3. Accelerated Learning – The best answer for almost all CEO priorities is almost always outside the CEO’s current knowledge and experience.   10X has direct monthly interactions with 35 top CEOs (and multiple VCs) about solutions to these priorities.  This knowledge is delivered peer to peer, by the CEO’s 10X Coach, and through books and presentations.  The result of this accelerated learning for top priorities is what creates 10X Performance.

10X CEO Participants Agree To:

  1. Analyze their CEO skill like a professional athlete by watching “game film”, practicing with top performing CEO athletes, and applying accelerated learning to their top priorities.
  2. Come prepared to all quarterly group meetings, with a complete CEO X-Ray, Top Priority Deep Dive, and Best Practice Discussion.  Attendance to all meetings (like board meetings) is mandatory.
  3. Add value to the 10X CEO Network by committing knowledge, support, and personal introductions that helps individual 10X CEOs succeed and also contributes to the quality and value of the network.