Product & Customer Success

The 10 Laws of Customer Success

The recurring revenue model has changed priorities for most businesses, namely the need for customer retention and the subsequent creation of the customer success function. This Gainsight article deeply discusses the various elements to customer success with industry experts who focus on different aspects of the buyer journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Company commitment to product.
  • Sell to the right customer.
  • Natural tendency for customers is to churn.
  • Customer expects for you to make them wildly successful.
  • Relentlessly monitor and manage customer health.
  • You can no longer build loyalty through personal relationships.
  • Product must be priority #1.
  • Obsessively improve time to value.
  • Deeply understand the details of churn and retention.
  • Customer success teams must become metrics-driven.

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Your Users Deserve Better — An Inside Look at Remind’s Customer Obsession

To be an industry leader it is imperative that a company be completely customer obsessed. This First Round Review article dives into Remind’s obsessiveness with its customers, including examples of how to retain obsessiveness as a company scales and the benefits Remind has enjoyed as a result of their customer focus.

Key Takeaways:

  • A case study of Remind’s customer obsessiveness, including why it is important to talk directly to your customer.
  • How to humanize your company so customer obsessiveness is pervasive.
  • How to ensure customer obsessiveness stays central to the company with scale.

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