Dayne Williams

Managing Director

It has been my honor to lead companies as a CEO for the past 25 years. During this time, I focused on revolutionizing how employee benefits are bought, sold, and managed, drawing on extensive leadership experience in the technology, staffing, and insurance industries. I have experienced the journey from a start-up dealing with angel investors to raising capital for growth through venture capitalists and private equity firms. Ultimately in 2019, I led PlanSource through the sale to Vista Equity Partners where I now sit in the Executive Chairman role.

I participated in the 10X CEO program as a CEO for eight years and I contribute my growth and success, as a CEO, to my participation in this program. From the quality coaching to the accountability within the CEO group, I was able to process challenges, obstacles, and opportunities that allowed me to lead PlanSource effectively through multiple stages of growth. My passion for the process, coaching other leaders, and giving back to the entrepreneurial community led me to join the 10X CEO team as a coach.