Brian Gentile

Managing Director

I have spent more than 30 years as an operator helping to build technology companies. My experience includes senior executive positions across two large Systems companies (Apple and Sun Microsystems), several mid-sized Software companies (e.g., Brio, Informatica, TIBCO), and several start-up Software companies (e.g., Jaspersoft). I first joined 10X CEO® as a peer CEO in 2009, while I was Chairman and CEO of Jaspersoft. Because of the powerful and flexible 10X CEO® methodology, which is founded in the science of executive effectiveness, my own CEO learning accelerated so substantially during the next six years that I became a true advocate for recruiting other CEOs into the Group. Then, in 2017, I formally joined Mark and Dermot as a Managing Director, so I might directly help more CEOs accelerate their own effectiveness, now as a Coach and Facilitator.

My educational background includes two business degrees and some concentrated computer science studies. I’m probably best known as a strategic marketer (as a four-time public company CMO and Officer), where I’ve exploited both my understanding of technology and my ability to target and evangelize a market. Relatedly, my passion has long been focused on leadership and team-building, because I so respect the amplified mission a senior leader shoulders. Perhaps more than anything, I bring deep empathy to this role as a CEO coach, as I’ve helped or led companies through formal strategy processes and business planning, numerous fundraising events, multiple M&A transactions (on both sides of the table), and more Board meetings than I could possibly count (as a CEO, senior executive, and/or Board Member). My goal is to create the greatest CEO group imaginable and to help each CEO reach his or her greatest potential.