Osman Khan

Managing Director

Over the last 15 years, and across a variety of disciplines, including management consulting, investment banking and entrepreneurship, I have advised founders, executives and boards from seed stage enterprises to Fortune 100 companies on a host of strategic and long-term value accreting initiatives from human capital management, to fundraising and corporate M&A and organizational transformation and scale.

An engineer by training, but with a comprehensive business education, I thrive on balancing the micro and the macro. In doing so, I help my clients identify and create linkages between core business drivers and a comprehensive corporate strategy and vision, and thereby achieve scale on a highly targeted and accelerated path. As an entrepreneur, I previously built and exited one of the largest consumer marketplaces in the luxury resale segment, and in the process gained an intimate and first-hand understanding of the trials and tribulations of the Founder/CEO journey. Today, I leverage that experience in building, operating and scaling a global business to help my clients rapidly ascend the startup learning curve and effectively tackle the most pressing and common challenges in their career.

I joined the 10X CEO® program in 2018 with an aim to harness my personal and professional experiences to enhance the effectiveness of the CEOs with whom I collaborate. My core focus is in helping my clients effectively adopt an extremely disciplined routine of deep prioritization, clear action planning and targeted measurement and accountability. This approach, when combined with the peer-to-peer learning model at the heart of the 10X CEO® program, creates a comprehensive platform for meaningfully accelerating a CEO’s personal and company growth.