Scott Berg

Managing Director

Over the past 25 years I’ve had the great fortune to be part of successful technology companies that either went on to trade on public markets (Dendrite Cegedigm, Connect Inc., SuccessFactors) or were acquired by pubic companies and private equity investors (Extensity, Birst, ServiceMax). I thrive in the thrill-a-minute world of high growth software companies that face stiff competition on the road to market leadership. While my career started in IT, and Customer Service, Sales leadership and go-to-market strategy are my professional and intellectual foundation.

They say that being a CEO is one of the loneliest jobs in business. The pressure is always on to make the right decisions, hire and develop the right people, and pursue the right strategies, but you’re often alone in making the final call. On top of that, the role and complexity of being a CEO is expanding as global markets become local, companies serve a growing group of internal and external constituents, and the world demands a more inclusive and diverse workforce. 10X CEO®’s have the opportunity to leverage trusted peers to make them the best leaders they can be.

As a participating COO & CEO for 4 years in 10X CEO®, I learned what skills and priorities separate the top 1% of leaders and companies from the rest and the 10X return the top companies enjoy as a result. Humility, transparency and authenticity are crucial to developing your talent as a leader and growing every day. Like an athlete, you need to train, analyze and perform to be the best CEO. The power of the 10X CEO® peer network was critical to my decisions about commercial strategy, talent and work environment. I joined the program as a Managing Director to share my lessons learned with others and ensure that the ultimate peer network is available for the top company builders.