The Accelerated Learning Environment for High-Performing Venture-Backed CEOs

Real Business Results
The keys to success for a high growth startup are focus and relentless execution. 10X helps me focus my time and the collective effort of my team on the things that really matter.
Ali Ghodsi
CEO of Databricks
Unparalled Peer Support
Being a CEO is a lonely job in the best of times. Both my 10X Coach and my CEO group understand both me and my business on a very deep level and force me to distill and confront my priorities every time we meet. I can’t imagine being a CEO without having a sounding board and support system like 10X.
Dave McJannet
CEO at Hashicorp
Accelerated Learning
10X provides a unique opportunity to develop deep shared context and relationships with incredible CEOs, so we can learn from each other and grow our companies—and ourselves—more quickly.
Brad Hoover
CEO at Grammarly